I found the below 3 pictures together when I arrived at work this morning. They looked great togetgher and I wanted to share and perhaps start a new segement: Recently Browsed.  

Hair is subdivided pre-1950, and then by decade to the present, as well as Facial, and a General folder where you would find Miss Diller's wigs.
Left: An African woman with an elaborate hairstyle, seen in profile. The title reads: "The favorite wife of a Mangebetou chief." Right: Two white men in uniforms hold an African woman's arm. The title reads: "Admiring the Bracelets of a Masai Matron: Kenya Colony"
National Geograhic, June 1926
Close-up of fingers moving through hair. The fingernails are painted bright red.
A display of several wigs above a wooden dresser.
ANP Quarterly, 2007, Phyllis Diller's Wigs