The SVA Library has just begun trial access to 3 different streaming video databases -, Docuseek 2, and Infobase Films on Demand.
For access from off-campus, users will be prompted to login with their MySVA credentials.
Read more about these collections below. - trial expires 2/9/2016 offers inspiring and informative counseling and therapy videos. This collection includes 253 videos that meet the highest standard of quality and relevance to clinicians and educators. The collection is searchable by keyword, expert, therapeutic issue, and client population. The platform includes web tools like clip making, interactive running transcripts, smart keyword search, and downloadable instructor's manuals. These tools respond adaptively to unique teaching and training needs, and empower users to easily explore, present, and share videos with colleagues, students, and faculty.
Docuseek logoDocuseek 2 - trial expires 2/14/2016
The library is considering a subscription to the Arts, Music, and Language and the Philosophers and Ideas collections, but for the trial, access is to all collections.
Docuseek 2 is a platform for independent, documentary, educational and social issue video and films. Docuseek 2 allows you to search through the collections of its member distributors in both traditional and unique ways. Docuseek 2 supports traditional key word searches, but expands it to include searching through descriptions and transcripts. Docuseek 2 also adds an expanded subject taxonomy, and allows you to combine subject category searchers with grade level, length, filmmaker, awards. format and other characteristics to focus your search. Participating distributors include Icarus Films and Bullfrog Films.
Films on Demand Logo with red arrowInfobase Films on Demand - trial expires 2/5/2015
The library is considering a subscription to the Newsreels and Archival Footage collection (includes 1,900 full-length videos and 3,700 video clips), but for the trial, access is to all collections.
Outstanding content from Films for the Humanities Sciences, ABC News, NBC News, PBS, BBC, National Geographic, The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, Bill Moyers, Shopware, The Open University, A E, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Fred Friendly Seminars, Cambridge Educational, and many more. Programs from more than 700 producers are included in these comprehensive subscriptions more than you'll find anywhere else.