With the month of November drawing to a close, so does our No Shave November-inspired Instagram contest. The contest was held in partnership with VASA's event, I Mustache You to Read a Book, held in the SVA Library on November 18th. Students and staff were invited into VASA's photobooth to take photos with mustache hats and stickers, which were fed onto the library's website with the hashtag #VASAstache. The top three most liked photos won gift cards to The Strand bookstore - the winners are below!
1st Prize - $25 gift card: Alexandra Graudins
Photograph of one of the winners holding a book
2nd Prize - $20 gift card: Amber Ross
Photograph of one of the winners
3rd Prize - $15 gift card: Morgan King
Photograph of one of the winners

Congratulations to the winners!