• Girl Power

    As part of the VRC's goal to digitize a wide range of artforms by diverse artists, we try to find what's missing from MDID because more likely than not it reflects the very same artists that have been overlooked and underrepresented in the all-too-often exclusionary art historical canon, which unfortunately in many ways still perpetuates today as represented by the art market. That said... ... read more
  • High Performance

    High Performance was published by Art in the Public Interest from 1978 to 1997:Originally a magazine covering performance art, over time it gradually shifted its editorial focus from art that was formally adventurous to art that was socially and culturally adventurous. Back issues of the magazine can still be seen at better libraries around the world. The High Performance archive is in the collect... ... read more
  • Airbrush Action

    Since 1985 Airbrush Action has been teaching artists how to satisfy clients that go in for the Kenny Powers aesthetic. This fine magazine includes tips, tricks, step-by-step how-to's, competitions, and interviews with airbrush artists. Seemingly every variety of airbrushed material is covered: t-shirts, cars, trucks, buses, helicopters, giant lobster statues, magazine ads, snowmobiles, pre-photosh... ... read more
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