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Mission Statement

The SVA Library is a major resource for art and design study, developed over the course of 60 years to foster the college’s intellectual and creative life. Its rich print and digital collections directly support SVA’s undergraduate and graduate curricula, and provide inspiration, establish context and widen perspectives. Library instructional services have been developed to sharpen students’ critical thinking and provide information literacy for lifelong learning.

Since 1978 the SVA Library has been located at 380 Second Avenue in the Gramercy section of Manhattan, and in 2018 the library’s first permanent branch, SVA Library West, was established to better serve our expanding campus. Both locations provide comfortable, accessible and attractive spaces on campus where the SVA community can relax, study and collaborate. A knowledgeable and responsive library staff is available to assist with collections and services.

Find us at 380 Second Ave, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10010 or call us at 212.592.2660


Mission Statement

Located on the 4th floor of SVA's main building, the SVA Film Library is a repository of cinematic history, with over 3,000 DVDs and Blu-rays. The collection is divided according to genre, with the exception of the Director's Wall, which is designed as a resource for film students eager to study and analyze the career arc of noteworthy directors. The library also serves as an archive for BFA Film and Animation alumni work, and staff work continuously to convert and preserve films stored using archaic formats.

Find us at 209 East 23rd St, Room 401, New York, NY 10010, call us at 212.592.2193 or email at


Mission Statement

The Curatorial Practice Library is a non-circulating library devoted to exhibitions, art history, and curatorial studies, along with a small number of contemporary art magazines and journals.

Find us at 132 West 21st Street 10th floor, New York, NY 10011 or call us at 212.592.2274


Mission Statement

SVA Library West is a branch library located on the lower level of 133 West 21st Street and is accessible by both stairs and elevator. The library features a specialized book collection, video and tabletop game collections, and a computer lab. The library also has a game room with gaming systems, two group study rooms, and a large casual lounge that doubles as an event space. Materials can be requested from the Main Library to be delivered to Library West; instructions are available here.

The lounge, group study rooms, and game room are accessible twenty-four-hours with your SVA ID. To access the collections and computer lab, check the schedule above for current hours.

Find us at 133 W 21st St, lower level, New York, NY 10011 or call us at 212.592.2810



SVA Library Staff

Caitlin Kilgallen | Library Director
Caitlin Kilgallen Library Director 212.592.2663
Rebecca Clark | Associate Library Director
Rebecca Clark Associate Library Director 212.592.2944
Zimra Panitz | Head of Technical Services
Zimra Panitz Head of Technical Services 212.592.2662
Phoebe Stein | Digital Services Librarian
Phoebe Stein Digital Services Librarian 212.592.2672
Lorraine Gerety | Visual Resources Curator
Lorraine Gerety Visual Resources Curator 212.592.2667
David Pemberton | Instruction/Periodicals Librarian
David Pemberton Instruction/Periodicals Librarian 212.592.2664
Christopher Bussmann | Circulation Manager
Christopher Bussmann Circulation Manager 212.592.2619
Mark Roussel | Circulation Manager
Mark Roussel Circulation Manager 212.592.2689
Kelsey Short | Administrative Manager
Kelsey Short Administrative Manager 212-592-2676
Seth Chang | Library IT Administrator
Seth Chang Library IT Administrator 212.592.2690
Eric Ingram | Managing Cataloging Technician
Eric Ingram Managing Cataloging Technician 212.592.2665
Keisha Wilkerson | Cataloging Technician
Keisha Wilkerson Cataloging Technician 212.592.2670
Assistant Visual Resources Curator
Vacant Assistant Visual Resources Curator

David Shuford | Cataloger
David Shuford Cataloger 212.592.2630
Preston Nelson | Acquisitions Technician
Preston Nelson Acquisitions Technician 212-592-2671
Barbara Calderón | Weekend/Evening Librarian
Barbara Calderón Weekend/Evening Librarian 212.592.2660
Beth Kleber | Archivist
Beth Kleber Archivist 212.592.2636
Lawrence Giffin | Assistant Archivist
Lawrence Giffin Assistant Archivist 212.592.2615
Shea'la Finch | West Side Librarian
Shea'la Finch West Side Librarian 212-592-2291

Ask-A-Librarian — Anything!

E-mail: Use our online form to ask a question.

Telephone: Call a Reference Librarian at 212.592.2660.

In person: Visit the Library during reference hours.

Appointment: Schedule a one-on-one session with your library liaison.



Make copies and print in color and black and white, scan using flatbed scanners or the ScannX book scanner.

Go to Computer Lab
Visual Resources Center

Visual Resources Center

The VRC offers a variety of services for SVA's faculty, including support for our online collection of images, SVA Image Library (formerly MDID), and Artstor. We provide information on scanning/storing images, developing classroom lectures, and welcome requests for specific artists/artworks to be added to the SVA Image Library database. We also supply a quiet space with workstations for Internet access, scanners and a photocopier.

Go to VRC


Reserve items are course materials kept behind the Circulation Desk for a semester to ensure that everyone in your class has access.

Go to Reserve Form
Schedule a Library Instruction Class

Schedule a Library Instruction Class

Sign up for a class designed for Art History and Humanities classes, graduate programs, or creative and studio work.

Go to Library Instruction


To help foster relationships between the library and the community it serves, every academic department has a dedicated librarian. Contact your liaison for purchase requests, to suggest broader avenues for collection development, to request a library instruction class or research assistance, or anything else library related.

Go to Library Liaison
Request to purchase

Request to purchase

To ask that the library purchase an item use the request form or contact your library liaison.

Request a Purchase


Have books set aside to pickup at your convenience, sent to Library West, or place a hold to be the next person to check out an item.

Go to Library Catalogue
Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

Inter-Library Loan (ILL)

To borrow items not in the SVA Library fill out the ILL form.

Fill out the ILL Form
Request to purchase

Request to purchase

If you would like the library to purchase an item use the request form or contact your library liaison.

Request a Purchase
Group study

Group study

Reserve our Group Study Room for up to 6 people. Inquire at the circulation desk, call us at 212-592-2660, or book through Google Calendar.

Booking Instructions


Reserve items are course materials kept behind the Circulation Desk for a semester to ensure that everyone in your class has access.

Search Reserves
Library West Event Registration Form

Library West Event Registration Form

The lounge at SVA Library West doubles as an event space that students, faculty, and staff can request to reserve.

Event Registration
Pay my fines

Check your fines balance first by logging into Prism, then click through to pay your fines.


By borrowing items from the SVA Library you are agreeing to the following policy: To enter the library, full-time Students, Faculty and SVA administration must present a valid SVA ID and current semester sticker to the security officer. Alumni must present their Alumni card. Continuing Education students must present their current course registration. Alumni and CE students have on-site access only, and do not have borrowing privileges.

  1. Loaning Information
  2. Fines
  3. Renewing
  4. Reserves
  5. Collection Development
  6. Security
  • Circulating Materials

    Item Check-out Time Max Renewable
    Books 3 weeks 50 acct Yes
    Exhibition Catalogs 3 weeks 15 Yes
    Pictures 3 weeks 10 Subj./50 acct Yes
    Film Scripts 3 weeks 15 Yes
    DVD/Blu-ray 1 week 15 acct Yes
    Music CD 1 week 15 acct Yes
    Xbox/PS3/Wii games 1 weeks 3 Yes
    Interlibrary loan items Varies 50 acct Yes

    Non-Circulating Materials

    Reference books, rare books, periodicals (magazines), reserve materials, non-circulating DVDs, Blu-rays, & theses are available for in-library use only.

    Item Check-out Time Renewable Overdue Fees / Hour
    Rare Books 2 hours Yes $ .20 per hour/per item
    Reserve Books 2 hours Yes $ .20 per hour/per item
    Reserve DVD/Blu-ray 2 hours Yes $ 1.00 per hour/per item
    Theses 2 hours Yes $ .20 per hour/per item

    Computer Lab Equipment

    Equipment including laptops, Wacom tablets, and headphones are available for in-library use from the Computer Lab.

    Item Check-out Time Max Renewable
    Headphones 3 hours 1 Yes
    Scanner Slide Trays 3 hours 1 Yes
    Power Strip 3 hours 1 Yes
    Memory Card Reader 3 hours 1 Yes
    Wacom Tablet & parts 3 hours 1 Yes
    MacBook & Power Supply 3 hours 1 Yes
    DVD/Blu-ray Remotes 3 hours 1 Yes
  • Fines

    Patrons with fines of $20 and over, or with unresolved library issues cannot check materials out, register for classes, graduate, get grades or transcripts. The library is not responsible for notifying borrowers of their overdue materials. Overdue notices are issued only as a courtesy via your SVA email account. Failure to receive reminders or overdue notices does not excuse borrowers from the responsibility of returning or renewing items on time to avoid penalties.


    Lost & Damaged Materials

    Patrons who return library materials with damage will be charged a ‘damaged item’ or ‘replacement and processing fee,’ based on the damage incurred. Items returned with post-its, page markers, or bent pages will be charged $2 per page. Items returned with underlining or writing will be charged $1-5 per page. Items returned with permanent damage, including water, paint, ink and cut and torn pages will need to be replaced at the borrower's expense. Items overdue by three months automatically lapse into 'Lost' status and the Library has the right to replace these items and bill the patron.

    Item Replacement Fee Processing Fee
    Books $ 60 $10
    Media $ 60 $10
    Pictures $ 2 $10 per folder
    Comics $ 60 $10
    Film scripts $ 60 $10
  • Renewing

    Login to Prism, the library catalog, to see your currently charged items, their due dates and your fines. You can renew items if they are not on hold for someone else, or if you do not have $20 or more in fines or outstanding lost items.

  • Reserves

    The Reserve Collection ensures that required readings for classes are always available to students. You can look them up by your instructor’s name, or by item, and bring the call number to the circulation desk. Reserves are available for two-hour in-library use.

  • Collection Development

    The SVA Library's Collection Development Policy provides an overall plan and specific guidelines for the development and management of the collections at the SVA Library. It seeks to make the best use of resources currently available and to clearly state the principles used for selecting and acquiring materials.

    SVA Library Collection Development Policy

  • Security

    A security guard, surveillance cameras and a detection gate are used to monitor the flow of materials in and out of the library. You must always carry your valid SVA ID with you and show it to the security guard. In addition, the SVA Library reserves the right to examine any backpack, bag, portfolio or other carrying device of anyone using the library. Any student found defacing, or attempting to steal, any library materials will risk the loss of library privileges and suspension from SVA.